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I love webcomics from the perspective of both a fan and a writer. I wanted to create a site that served both groups equally, and functioned as a central hub for anything and everything relating to webcomics!

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The Underfold

Creator Spotlight Series: Brian Russell

Brian Russel is the man. Not “the man,” but just an awesome guy. His webcomic went on hiatus, but is on the mend and should be re-released soon. Check out some original artwork and his responses to my pestering, I mean questioning: Synopsis: The Underfold is an absurdest geek comic that started as a gag-a-day [...]

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Scapula Comic

Webcomic Review: Scapula

This webcomic was suggested to me by none other than the creator himself. There are several reasons to take a peak, some of which I will convey to you in webcomic review format: The story of Scapula follows the mis-begotten adventures of a would-be villain, who is foiled by the universe as he attempts to [...]

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LeyLines Comic

Creator Spotlight Series: Robin Dempsey

I have long been a fan of Robins work: LeyLines Comic, as you may remember from my review. As such, I am excited to reveal Robin’s deepest, darkest secrets (OK, not really) in my latest creator spotlight series installment. When an irresponsible prince, his head-in-the-clouds sister, and their adopted brother are given a mission by [...]

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Anyone for Rhubarb

Creator Spotlight Series: Christian Henry

As you may remember from my review, I am a huge fan of Christian Henry and his webcomic Anyone for Rhubarb. I’m thrilled to be featuring him in this installment of the creator spotlight series. “Anyone for Rhubarb?” is a weekly updated webcomic. It’s a so-called gag-a-week comic with the sole mission of making people [...]

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Registered Weapon

Webcomic Review – Registered Weapon

So, when I asked the Twitterverse for a webcomic that was both funny, yet also story-line driven, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Deep within the pile of suggestions, was Registered Weapon. This webcomic is certainly an interesting take on the age-old old cop, new cop crime-fighting genre. The main character (old cop) is [...]

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Help me decide!

There are way too many exceptional webcomics out there, and deciding on my own can be tough. Help me pick who to review next! [poll id="6"]

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By The Fingernails

Webcomic Review: By The Fingernails

I don’t have children, and frankly, based on their depiction in many webcomics, I am not sure I want them. As such, any webcomic that chronicles a stay-at-home dad and his family oriented (mis) adventures that can consistently illicit true out loud laughing is worth noting. By The Fingernails is one such webcomic. Perhaps the [...]

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The Infected Webcomic

Webcomic Review: The Infected Webcomic

I stumbled onto The Infected Webcomic by way of recommendation from a friend. I was immediately hooked by the interesting artwork, and decided to peer a little closer. Ultimately, I think this webcomic has potential, and with practice and refinement, is sure to win over legions of fans. Clearly, the unique artistic style is the [...]

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Silk & Honey

Webcomic Review: Silk & Honey

At the suggestion of one Gary Cohen, I decided to check out Silk & Honey. When I landed on the page, and realized this would be a Western style webcomic, I almost ran away; that’s just not generally my thing. However, I stuck with it, and I am sure glad I did. The comic combines [...]

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LeyLines Comic

Webcomic Review: Leylines Comic

I suppose it is somewhat fitting that after missing out on updating for a month due to work and traveling, that the review would be that of the most recent vote-for-review winner, Leylines Comic. As luck would have it, this is a webcomic I have been aware of for some time now, and had even started [...]

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