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Creator Spotlight Series: BugByte

Happy to spotlight a longtime supporter, BugByte! Synopsis: Something strange and secret is happening deep in the desert of the southeastern United States. In a hidden military base, scientists have created the ultimate genetically-engineered soldiers; highly intelligent, immune to illness and chemical weapons, and stronger than the mightiest humans alive. But what happens when these […]

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Your Webcomic Strip

Creator Spotlight Series: Iain Oakley

Iain has been a long-time Twitter friend and supporter of the site. I’m delighted to present this creator spotlight of Iain, and the original strip he did just for us! Synopsis Snapped Controller is a 4 day a week gag a day strip about pop culture including 2 guys a girl and a pizz…oh no […]

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Dam secret base HR

Creator Spotlight Series: Dan Sharp

I couldn’t resist reaching out to Dan Sharp after doing a review on his webcomic The Demon Archives. I’m excited about the return of the creator spotlight series; hopefully you are too! Synopsis: Set in 22nd century Earth, over 100 years after an apocalyptic WW3, The Demon Archives tells the survivors’ stories as they struggle […]

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The Underfold

Creator Spotlight Series: Brian Russell

Brian Russel is the man. Not “the man,” but just an awesome guy. His webcomic went on hiatus, but is on the mend and should be re-released soon. Check out some original artwork and his responses to my pestering, I mean questioning: Synopsis: The Underfold is an absurdest geek comic that started as a gag-a-day […]

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LeyLines Comic

Creator Spotlight Series: Robin Dempsey

I have long been a fan of Robins work: LeyLines Comic, as you may remember from my review. As such, I am excited to reveal Robin’s deepest, darkest secrets (OK, not really) in my latest creator spotlight series installment. When an irresponsible prince, his head-in-the-clouds sister, and their adopted brother are given a mission by […]

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Anyone for Rhubarb

Creator Spotlight Series: Christian Henry

As you may remember from my review, I am a huge fan of Christian Henry and his webcomic Anyone for Rhubarb. I’m thrilled to be featuring him in this installment of the creator spotlight series. “Anyone for Rhubarb?” is a weekly updated webcomic. It’s a so-called gag-a-week comic with the sole mission of making people […]

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Company Man Comic

Creator Spotlight Series: Frank Jordan

I have long been a fan, so I am thrilled to spotlight Frank Jordan! Company Man Comic is a little slice of life, gag a day, political, and pop culture based comic strip. It follows the lives of a group of friends as they navigate the waters of celebrity and absurdity. Their adventures are often […]

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Jon Esparza

Creator Spotlight Series: Jon Esparza

Hurray! A Jon Esparza original all to myself! Synopsis Mike and Mindy is the tale of two kids with nothing better to do than cause and get into trouble!  It’s cartoon mayhem in the tradition of MAD Magazine and The Far Side. Q: What prompted you to start a web comic? A: Two rejections from MAD Magazine and the harsh realization that there […]

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Zombie Boy Comics

Creator Spotlight Series: Zombie Boy Comics

I am excited to announce the return of the creator spotlight series! For this installment, I present to you: Zombie Boy Comics! Synopsis A family vacation to Voodoo Island changed eleven-year old Morgan McCorkindale’s life forever. Although living-challenged, Zombie Boy lives death to the fullest! This year marks Zombie Boy’s twenty fifth anniversary as a […]

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Creator Spotlight Series: Mallville Rules

Today, I present to you: Mallville Rules! Synopsis: Mallville Rules is the greatest webcomic ever created.  It is about a high school filled with super powered kids.  But it’s not the kind of special high school where they learn how to fight, or deal with special abilities.  Like regular high school it’s almost a complete […]

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