Company Man Comic

Creator Spotlight Series: Frank Jordan

I have long been a fan, so I am thrilled to spotlight Frank Jordan! Company Man Comic is a little slice of life, gag a day, political, and pop culture based comic strip. It follows the lives of a group of friends as they navigate the waters of celebrity and absurdity. Their adventures are often […]

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Vote for review #3!

It’s that time again; vote for your favorite webcomic to be reviewed!

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Christopher Comic

Webcomic Review: Christopher Comic

Interestingly enough, the second winner of the vote for review poll is another young father chronicling his new parenting journey through a webcomic. Not unlike Lunarbaboon, Christopher Comic mixes in observational humor, hilarious parenting scenarios, and random tomfoolery for an interesting mix of both humor and ‘feel good’ moments. Now, with a comic like this, it’s important to know […]

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Webcomic Review: Lunarbaboon

You may remember that recently I tried something new, and put up a poll to decide who I would review next. The winning webcomic was Lunarbaboon, a comic I was not so familiar with before, but one I am glad the community decided I should check out. The comic is clearly autobiographical, and currently follows […]

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Help decide who’s next in the queue!

Another group of worthy webcomics. Help decide who gets the spotlight next!

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Jon Esparza

Creator Spotlight Series: Jon Esparza

Hurray! A Jon Esparza original all to myself! Synopsis Mike and Mindy is the tale of two kids with nothing better to do than cause and get into trouble!  It’s cartoon mayhem in the tradition of MAD Magazine and The Far Side. Q: What prompted you to start a web comic? A: Two rejections from MAD Magazine and the harsh realization that there […]

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Zombie Boy Comics

Creator Spotlight Series: Zombie Boy Comics

I am excited to announce the return of the creator spotlight series! For this installment, I present to you: Zombie Boy Comics! Synopsis A family vacation to Voodoo Island changed eleven-year old Morgan McCorkindale’s life forever. Although living-challenged, Zombie Boy lives death to the fullest! This year marks Zombie Boy’s twenty fifth anniversary as a […]

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Vote on who gets reviewed!

The premise is simple: vote on which comic you would like to see reviewed. Feel free to promote via Twitter, Facebook, etc as you see fit!

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Next Town Over

Webcomic Review – Next Town Over

Generally speaking, I am not usually a western or steam-punk fanatic. However, the thought of a western, steam-punk, fantasy webcomic was just too interesting to resist. What I found, after take a peek at Next Town Over, was a unique blend of genres with absolutely brilliant visual appeal. I think what strikes me most is […]

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New feature poll

I wasn’t sure what new features to add next, so I figured I would ask you!

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