Looking for a few brave souls…

As the title suggests, I have reached a point with the site where ideas I have out-pace my ability to execute them. Specifically, I have a few very specialized needs that are simply beyond my capabilities in general, and I thought I would turn to you, the community at large, to help me fill them. [...]

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Webcomic Creator Interview – Liz Staley of adrastuscomic.com

For this evenings webcomic creator interview, I talked with Liz Staley of adrastuscomic.com. We had a great conversation about her webcomic, her background, advice for newcomers, and whether or not an art education is beneficial for those thinking to get into the webcomic game. Enjoy!

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Kila Ilo

Kila Ilo – webcomic review

This evening, based on a recommendation, I decided to familiarize myself with Kila Ilo – a webcomic that had been suggested to me a few different times. To be honest, I had an instant negative reaction based purely on the fact that the comic is hosted on smackjeeves, and the site appears to be of…questionable quality. However, [...]

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Vinnie the Vampire

vinniethevampire.com – webcomic review

In this evenings webcomic review, I wanted to bring to light that there is still room for family friendly humor, amidst a sea of crude dick-joke type webcomics. Not that there is anything wrong with them (as evidenced by my glowing review of HateFarm) but I think there is something to be said about a [...]

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Creator Interview – Warren Frantz of offseasoncomic.com

Creator interviews are back! Today I am delighted to bring to you a conversation I had with Warren Frantz of Offseasoncomic.com. We discuss Offseason Comic, how it started, Warrens process, and one shocking story involving women’s lingerie! And, of course, Warren lets us in on which other webcomics he is currently a fan of; interested to find [...]

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spinecomic.com – webcomic review

Perhaps because it was a Saturday night, the desire for a longer form comic struck me, and led to this webcomic review of spinecomic.com. Once I started reading this series, I simply couldn’t stop. Eclectic both in aesthetics and story, creator Cihan Sesen has created a wonderful post-apocalyptic world populated by compelling characters that evolve slowly [...]

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stixite.com – webcomic review

In the world of webcomics, anything that breaks the mold of your standard gag-a-day, or continuous storyline type comics is a breath of fresh air. That is exactly how I would describe what you will find at stixite.com. The concept is simple, but incredibly entertaining; instead of a collaborative process or even a traditional ‘write first, [...]

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The Pull

The Pull – webcomic review

For my triumphant return to some semblance of normalcy, I wasn’t quite sure what webcomic to review. There are just-so-many to choose from, and it seems there are even more than before I took my little break. Based on a suggestion received via Twitter, I started reading through The Pull. I was hooked as soon as I saw [...]

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Back in Action

My oh my it has been a while since I posted. I can safely say that I have truly missed doing so. I won’t go into all of the boring details, but suffice it to say the past few months have been pretty rough. But, I am officially back in action, and looking to start [...]

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Creator Spotlight Series: Mallville Rules

Today, I present to you: Mallville Rules! Synopsis: Mallville Rules is the greatest webcomic ever created.  It is about a high school filled with super powered kids.  But it’s not the kind of special high school where they learn how to fight, or deal with special abilities.  Like regular high school it’s almost a complete [...]

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