Webcomic Review – Dead Heaven

Tonight’s review was suggested by the creator, something I always enjoy. Christopher wrote me a great email, and very politely asked if I would check out his work and see what I thought. His work, Dead Heaven, is more of a traditional graphic novel type webcomic, that seems deeply rooted in that style of printed […]

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Webcomic Review – KinokoFry

Despite my recent unexpected hiatus, I tried my best to stay apprised of wonderful webcomics that were practically begging for a review (ok, so not really, but that’s neither here nor there). One such webcomic is KinokoFry by Rebecca Clements. This is not your average webcomic, and as such, is on the more difficult end […]

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I’m back…

…and this time for good, I promise!

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Mystery Babylon

Webcomic Review – Mystery Babylon

Though not a conscious decision, it came to me that there are many varieties of webcomics not well represented by my reviews thus far. As such, having received a suggestion to check out Mystery Babylon, I leaped at the chance to review something a little different. The story follows and unlikely collection of characters, centered around Kick […]

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Webcomic Review – Warrior-U

This webcomic review takes a peek into the mind of an insane woman. I say that in the most positive way. Warrior-U has a certain eclectic charm, both visually and in writing, that is unmistakably exciting. Creator Aisha Thani must be crazy; at least, that is what I kept thinking with each strip I read. […]

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Monster Pulse

Webcomic Review – Monster Pulse

As I meandered about, searching for a webcomic to review, the amount of noteworthy suggestions was nearly beyond count. With each day that goes by, it seems there is more and more exceptional work out there. Ultimately, I settled on Monster Pulse, created by Magnolia Porter. In essence, Monster Pulse is the story of young […]

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Webcomic Creator Interview – Madeleine Holly-Rosing

This week’s webcomic creator interview is with Madeleine Holly-Rosing of Boston Metaphysical Society. We discuss a wide range of topics, starting with Madeleine’s current work with both webcomics and novellas, which use the same story-base and characters but explore different areas and periods within her universe. Madeleine’s husband makes an unexpected guest appearance, and provides […]

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Little League Comic

Webcomic Review – Little League Comic

Little League Comic was randomly suggested to me by a one-off tweet, and I am incredibly glad it was. I am not necessarily a huge DC comic fan, but there was something magical about witnessing these characters portrayed as children. That wasn’t much of a review, but I did want to point out how brilliant I […]

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Webcomic Creator Interview – Carlo from Callous Comics

This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Carlo from Callous Comics. Ever wonder what a webcomic creating doctor’s greatest fear might be? Well, you’ll have to listen to find out! Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 28:35 — 13.1MB)

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Chin Chat Comics

Webcomic Review – chin chat comics

I was in need of a good laugh, and as luck would have it I stumbled upon the humor of Chin Chat Comics. This webcomic and it’s archive are an incredibly good study in positive progress over time. In the very depths of the archive, you will find strips that are a bit more hit […]

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