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A B & C

Webcomic Review: A B & C comic

People sometimes ask me how I pick which webcomics to review. There are a lot of factors; sometimes folks ask and I love what I see. Other times I’ve been a long-time fan and finally find the words to describe why I follow along. There’s a bunch of other reasons too, but those are deep, […]

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Out of My Element

Webcomic Review: Out of My Element

The sheer number of webcomic options out there right now is simply staggering. Coming across on I truly enjoy is a rare treat indeed. For this webcomic review, I have chosen Out of My Element, which stars a zany cast of rebels, nobles, and (you guessed it) elementals. I would describe this webcomic as s […]

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Webcomic Review: RetroBlade

Ok, so, yea. This is a warning: once you start reading this webcomic, you WILL.NOT.STOP. I know, I know – I’m about to gush. I can’t help it! It’s really that good. I don’t even know where to begin. RetroBlade is not your typical post-apocalyptic story, except that it is. What’s different, though, is that the […]

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Webcomic Review: Meat & Bone

I know, I know. Another hiatus. Life has a way of stalling our passion projects, and I’ve certainly not been immune to that phenomenon. However, I want this year to be different, so here goes… This webcomic review came to me via email. Creator Kat reached out (something I encourage everyone to do), and I […]

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Webcomic Review: Beret

Someone suggested I check out Beret, so I did. I was not prepared for what was in store. This webcomic is…bewildering. But not necessarily in a bad way. The setting appears to be some sort of fantasy world where most of the population lives on floating islands that soar above a swirling mass of evil. […]

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Webcomic Review: Demon Archives

I’ll be honest; I often write about great webcomics that I really enjoy. I try and present a balanced view by pointing out areas that could be improved. But, I don’t like The Demon Archives. I LOVE it. Prepare yourself for some well-deserved gushing. You’ve been warned. I’m not even sure where to start. Artistically, this […]

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Webcomic Review: Black Mudpuppy

Today’s webcomic review is another great example of an artist that has clearly undergone great growth in a relatively short period of time. Black Mudpuppy is the zany tale of a god punished to help us puny mortals to regain his powers. This webcomic is a great, lighthearted continuous storyline with a unique premise, which […]

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Webcomic Review: Grappleseed

I love reading webcomics. There is so much incredible talent out there. There isn’t enough time in the day to unearth all of the great creators toiling away at their passion. I can summarize my feelings on Grappleseed thusly: it is a feast for the eyes in an utterly intriguing setting. The world you enter when […]

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Webcomic Review – The Jabbercrow

I must admit; when I sat down to write this review, I had no idea what I was going to say. I haven’t found a webcomic to review that has left me so conflicted in quite some time. The Jabbercrow is an interesting, complex, and at times, utterly enthralling. Where to begin. To its credit, […]

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Webcomic Review: Sprinkles

Two webcomic reviews in two days!? I know what you’re thinking; I AM spoiling you, dear readers. Can this pace truly continue!? Only time will tell. What I DO know, is that I fell in love with Sprinkles. In format, Sprinkles is a fairly standard ‘slice of life’ style comic that recounts the “totally true […]

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