Get the YourWebcomics Widget!

A widget, you say? How does that work? Simple – grab the code below and add it to your site! Then, contact me, show me where you’ve placed it, and send me a 125×125 icon or advertisement for your site. You will be added to the pool, and your ad will be shown on all of the other sites that use the widget on a rotational basis. You’ll also get the latest and greatest YourWebcomic content, which makes you look like one of the cool kids, obviously.

Interested in paid opportunities for more frequent placement? Or in a custom widget size/shape/etc? Contact me about that, too.

Get the code, here: <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

The widget is 190px wide and 405px tall. Custom widget sizes are available – contact me for more details. An example of the widget can be seen below:

YourWebcomics Widget